RaeChell Garrett

Young Adult Contemporary Writer


Hi! I’m RaeChell (Long a. Short e. A Rae of sunshine over a sea Chell, etc.), an aspiring author living in Michigan with my husband and two kids. I write contemporary YA. Sarah LaPolla of Bradford Literary represents my work.

My manuscripts focus on the ups and downs of carefree girls finding their way in the world. But… it didn’t start out that way. I’d always written for and about my peers. I went to college, so did my MCs. I got my first job and wrote about corporate America.

But one day, approximately a billion years ago, this sixteen-year-old came to me -a witch named Cameron- and her voice was so strong I had no choice but to write about her. Doing so felt comfortable and free. That was many manuscripts ago. And though I now rarely write anything other than the realistic stories I wish I had growing up, that voice has stayed with me.

That said, books are my passion. So when I’m not writing books, I reading them. (Yes, every single last one.) 

Need to Reach Me?

Send an email to raechell(at)raechellgarrett(dot)com or use the form below.